Robert Stehlik

Robert is the founder of Blue Planet and designs the line of boards based on his experience as a SUP surfer and racer. He’s meticulous at testing equipment and making continuous improvements to design on and off the water. He loves to share his passion for SUPing and is well appreciated for his many tutorials on Youtube.

Nathan Cross

Nathan rips up the waters at his home spot Jervis Bay NSW, Australia every single day. He has been addicted to the ocean ever since he was born. He is passionate about SUP-ing and wherever he goes he brings positive and happy vibes. Nathan has stepped up in 2018, finishing in top spots at the legendary M2O, the strongly packed Eurotour and Ozzie competitions.

Skyla Rayner

Skyla is the living example that girls can rip. Hailing from Berrara NSW, Australia, Skyla has taken her superior surfing skills to SUP-ing and is ripping up waves wherever she can. She loves to go out on any day, whether it's big wave SUP-surfing, flat water racing or just cruising around with friends and family. In 2017 Skyla has shown great progression as she came in 4th in the Aussie SUP Surf Titles!

Fabrice Beaux

A talented and well-rounded waterman, Fabrice is a former pro windsurfer who now lives in Costa Rica. He loves Stand Up Paddle surfing remote spots along the beautiful Guanacaste Coastline. Wherever there is a tube, Fabrice will ride it!

Sofie Simonsson

Originally from Halmstad in Sweden, Sofie pursues her passions for traveling and stand up paddling vigourously. She is a two time European Surf Bronze Medalist and she loves competing and chasing the best surf wherever she is. Her overwhelming smile and warm personality are evident when you first meet her and we are stoked that she has chosen to partner up with Blue Planet.

Jeff Chang

Jeff is a pioneer of the sport opening up Wet Feet in Aina Haina (the first dedicated SUP shop in the world). Jeff regularly dominates his age group in races, riding the 14’ Blue Planet Bump Rider. In 2017, Jeff beat his peers in the M2O and took 1st place SUP Unlimited Men Over 60.

Sam Pa’e

Sam is a true Hawaiian Waterman with a great attitude. He loves to share his knowledge and teaches a jet ski safety course and rips up the waves on the west side every chance he gets.

Donato Freens

At 13 years of age, Donato is a fierce, feared and respected competitor among elite racers. He started competing in 2017 and made a name since. He recently finished 5th among the Elite Men in the Dutch Long Distance Championships and claimed bronze and silver in the Open Belgian Championships in Long Distance and Technical Racing respectively.

Krista van Beek

Krista joined the team in early 2018 and has shown since that she is a serious contender in any race she participates in. She won the 2018 Open Belgian Championships in Long Distance Racing on her 21 inch Flat Water Dugout board. Watch out for her during 2019!