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The Ultimate Guide to Choose the Right SUP Board

By: Robert Stehlik, founder and CEO of Blue Planet Surf

Aloha SUP’ers and mahalo for dropping in with Blue Planet!

One of the most frequent inquiries we get is how does one determine what size and type of board is right for them. As avid water enthusiasts, our main objective at Blue Planet is to share our knowledge with potential paddlers, so they can make an informed choice when buying their first beginner board or additional boards to complement their quiver.

As a surfer of many years, I personally consider of 100 different variables when I'm choosing my own board. For many SUP enthusiasts, and especially beginners, it would be excessive to consider so many variables. Therefore we wanted to simplify the board selection process for you and provide you with a tool that narrows a board seeker's focus to 12 basis points.

Interested to find out more!? Click here for our complete Helping You Choose the Right SUP Board guide.

If you have any questions about it, don't hesitate and contact us. With the right knowledge, one can choose the right SUP board and ultimately have more fun on the water!

Blue Planet, Find Paradise

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