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New Easy Foiler Boards and Foils Sizes

New Stock Arriving in June

Are you thinking of getting into foiling, but haven't found the right gear yet to get started? Then look no further! We are receiving our second batch of Easy Foiler boards and foils in June.

Place your order now and secure the best equipment out in the market today! 

With a sole aim of making the new and thrilling sport of foiling as accessible as possible, Blue Planet has gone through meticulous designing and testing to come up with our own dedicated line of Blue Planet Foil gear.

The Easy Foiler boards are uniquely and specifically built for foiling with inserts for foot straps. Blue Planet's Easy Foiler boards will maximize lift and let you catch and ride waves easily. Length and swing weight of the boards have been kept to a minimum forincreased control. Boards will come in sizes ranging from 6'0 to 8'0. With volumes ranging from 98 liters to 165 liters, it does not matter whether you are a lighter rider or might weigh well over 100 kig, we have the right setup for you. In order to have full versatility to mount foils, our boards feature both a Tuttle Box and a double US Box system!

6'0 x 27.5 x 98L
6'6 x 28.6 x 116L
6'11 x 29.5 x 128L
7'6 x 30.5 x 144L
8'0 x 31.5 x 165L 

Blue Planet's Easy Foiler Foils are fully made out of carbon with 26 inch masts and come in various size versions. The large version creates more lift and is ideal for downwinders and heavier riders, the medium version for average usage, whereas the smaller version caters for lighter riders in surf. The foils have been designed to complement our own line of Easy Foiler boards but can also be mounted on other boards.

S - Easy Foiler 1240 cm2
M - Easy Foiler 1440 cm2
L -  Easy Foiler 1750 cm2

Click here to see our full Foiling Range.

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