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Blue Planet Easy Foiler Range Features

Check out this great video where Robert Stehlik goes over the features of the 2018 line up of Blue Planet's Easy Foiler boards designed specifically for SUP foiling.

Covered are a brief background of hydro foiling in the surf, the design philosophy behind the Blue Planet stand up paddle foil boards with the goal to make foiling as easy, safe, accessible and fun as possible. Design features including the beveled rails, concave bottom, straight outline and optimized rocker that work together to create lift and directional stability for easy take-offs. Once foiling the board becomes merely a platform to control the foil and the more compact this platform is, the easier it is to control the foil when flying.

Robert also goes over the four different models available and two construction options: bamboo epoxy hybrid construction and full carbon layup options. The 2018 boards (starting from the second shipment) feature both deep Tuttle boxes and two US boxes to allow both plate mount and Tuttle mount foils to be used, making these boards very versatile. Other features include an arch pad over the mast and tail kick positioned to allow easy exact back foot positioning by feel on take-off and new SUPGrip handles with integrated vent plugs now standard on all 2018 Blue Planet SUP's.

The 2018 models available are:
6'0 x 27.5 x 98L
6'6 x 28.6 x 116L
6'11 x 29.5 x 128L
7'6 x 30.5 x 144L

For more details, check out our Foiling Range

Blue Planet, Foiling Made Easy!