What are the key and exclusive features of Blue Planet’s Board Range?

Blue Planet’s boards are made to the highest standards. One of the most important areas of our products is durability to ensure that you have as much fun out on the water for as long as possible. That’s why we have chosen for a full Kevlar wrap on our bamboo boards to reinforce the nose, rails and tail. The standing area of your SUP is exposed to some of the highest levels of pressure stress on your boards. Blue Planet Composite Bamboo/Kevlar models feature a Carbon Deck, a high modulus carbon fiber reinforcement to the standing area, designed to greatly increase structural integrity under your feet while keeping weight at a minimum. Dual hand-rails have been incorporated for easy transport, dual lease inserts ensure safety for the rider and for those around, the special GoPro insert will let you capture your valuable memories, while our inspiring graphics make heads turn.

And last but not least, all Carbon and Bamboo Kevlar boards come with a FREE Blue Planet boardbag according to your board’s specific dimensions!

What’s the right size SUP for me?

The right SUP mainly depends on what you would like to be doing on the water. Fitness, Surfing, Distance paddling, snorkel transportation or something else? Most of our Blue Planet SUP’s have dual purpose characteristics and can perform in a variety of conditions, but we highly recommend to try out a board at least once to get a base idea of your size range. And keep in mind you don’t want to outgrow your board too soon, so picking a size that is a bit of a challenge at first will allow you to progress.

Founder and CEO of Blue Planet, Robert Stehlik, has put together a great article explaining the 12 main considerations when choosing the right SUP. Check it out in our Downloads section!

What size SUP paddle do I need?

Correct paddle size is crucial for ensuring good technique, efficient paddling and ultimately more fun! The basic range is 5-25 centimeters above your body height depending on what you will be doing on the water. The lower end of the range would be for more surf specific paddling, the middle of the range would be for allround family paddling activities and the high end of the range would be for more distance focused paddling.

Where can I find more SUP videos and tutorials?

Robert Stehlik and his great team at Blue Planet Surf Hawaii have developed a great collection of material to help you pick the right board, paddle and help you develop your skills. Whether you are looking for beginner tips on how to balance yourself on a Stand Up Paddle board, go faster on a down-winder or want to advance your skills for catching and surfing waves, Blue Planet Surf Hawaii’s tutorials will help you have more fun on the water. Click here for more great stuff!

Can you ship to my address?

Together with our delivery experts we can deliver boards, paddles and all other gear to you anywhere in Europe! Right at your doorstep. Contact Us for more info.

Need more info or help?

Contact us and we’ll be glad to help you with any other question you might have! English, Deutsch,  Français, Nederlands, Español, Pусский? No problem!