About Us

Hawaiian Dreaming
It’s 1989 when Robert Stehlik, a young man from Germany, travels to Maui in search of perfect waves. Running out of money and having been persuaded by his parents to do the apparent rational thing, he heads back home to Berlin and enrolls in university.

Feeling miserable, he grows determined to make a change in his life. Robert quits university, takes on various jobs and soon heads back to Maui where he starts college. This time he vows to make a life on Hawaii and wear board shorts the rest of his life. Now 25 years later, he still does.

Sharing a Passion for Water
In 1993 Robert moves to Oahu and founds Blue Planet. From its humble beginnings making t-shirts, Blue Planet Surf evolves into a unique store where water enthusiast can buy the best gear possible. Not surprisingly, Blue Planet Surf receives the Best Surf Shop in Hawaii Award in 2015.

SUP Foiling Pioneers based in Hawaii

After a session on a Stand Up Paddle board in the mid 2000’s, Robert’s hooked. Driven by his love for this new and exciting sport and his quest for having the best gear possible, he realizes quickly that he needs to start designing and building his own boards.

Obsessed to Give You Fun
For more than 10 years, Robert and his crew have been pioneering to make the best Stand Up Paddling products. Working tirelessly on and off the water, Blue Planet doesn’t just make any SUP gear, we are simply dedicated to let you have the most fun possible on the water.

By surfers, for surfers. Whatever it takes.

Blue Planet Available in Europe
Whether you want to win flat-water or down-wind races, ride the wave of your life, cruise around, hover above the surface of the ocean on a foil board or just want to have the best time with your family, we have something for you.

Since April 2017 we are thrilled to also bring a piece of paradise in Europe. From our base in the Netherlands, we are proud to distribute Blue Planet Stand Up Paddling gear to customers located anywhere on the European continent.

Delivering Anywhere in Europe

Better Gear More Fun
Should you have a question about any of our products, what gear would suit you best or how to improve your overall paddling skills, have a look at our FAQ, SUP Board Recommendation Guide or contact us.

SUP Foiling

With a sole aim of making the new and thrilling sport of foiling as accessible as possible, Blue Planet has gone through meticulous designing and testing to come up with a dedicated line of Blue Planet Foil boards and full carbon foils.

Foiling Made Easy by Blue Planet!

The Easy Foiler boards are uniquely and specifically built for foiling with inserts for foot straps. With sizes ranging from 6’0 to 8’6, Blue Planet’s Easy Foiler boards will maximize lift and let you catch and ride waves easily. Length and swing weight of the boards have been kept to a minimum for increased control. In order to have full versatility to mount foils, our boards feature both a Tuttle Box and a double US Box system!

To complement our range of foil boards, we have full carbon foils ranging in various sizes to cater for the riders weight and ability and ocean conditions.

SUP Surfing

Blue Planet has come up with various designs to cater for specific types or riding styles and surf conditions.

Our range includes nose-riders, short and wide boards for windy and choppy conditions, wider stance area boards for North Sea conditions, but also high performance boards for aggressive turning on the face of the wave at Atlantic Ocean spots.

Ride Any Wave Wherever

Whatever your level or the wave conditions at your local spot, Blue Planet has a board that will exceed your expectations.

SUP Racing

For those that want to challenge themselves and explore their own personal boundaries during long SUP tours or during races, we have various board series to choose from.

Downwinding is in Blue Planet’s DNA as founder and chief designer Robert Stehlik personally competes at various Hawaiian Crossings, such as the legendary M2O downwind race from Molokai to Oahu, on his own designs which are continuously improved, tested and ultimately put into production for demanding paddlers that are keen on getting a high performance downwind or all water race SUP.

Continious Research, Development and Testing

Bespoke flat water race series have been developed to be in front of the pack in sprint, technical or flat water long distance races.